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    About Patrizia Keller

    Patrizia Keller is an artist, designer and spoon carver from Switzerland.

    In 2010 she graduated as a product and industrial designer from the FHNW Northwestern Switzerland.
    During and after her studies, she worked in various product design companies at home and abroad.

    She developed her passion for wood as a material while designing furniture. She was able to present her own furniture collection at various exhibitions in Switzerland and Milan.

    Her desire to work with her hands and to move into a more abstract, sculptural form and use of wood as a material initially led her to spoon carving.
    In doing so, she deals intensively with the topic of eating.

    Nowadays she carves sculptures from local timber and makes unique pieces.
    In her work, she deals with the question of how far she can alienate the raw natural material without losing the original, pure beauty of the material. At the same time, the aim is to create a new, aesthetic and also functional object.